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Shrub Farm

On a fateful trip to Japan to visit family, Josh and Tomo tasted a delicious drink made by Tomo’s mother. The blueberry vinegar beverage combined the sweetness of berries and the sourness of vinegar to create the most refreshing, balanced beverage they could imagine. Inspired, they returned to Maui and began making their own shrub. The couple started Shrub Farm in 2016. Shrub Farm has created seven unique delicious flavors of shrub by partnering with organic farms in Washington State and Maui, Hawaii.

Apple State Vinegar

Motivated by the land and sea they love, Josh and Tomo started a new company in 2019, Apple State Vinegar with a mission to give 6% of all profits back to marine wildlife. Apple State Vinegar is a raw apple cider vinegar made from 100% organic Washington State apples.

We are 1% for the planet members.

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