Ariana Heinzman Ceramics 

Gobble Up Vendor

I received my BFA in Ceramics from The Rhode Island School of Design. My work is an embodiment of the inseparable relationship of earth, body, and plant. I do not try to put this relationship into words or grasp this concept too tightly; so when I make sculpture, vases and pots, I try to keep a balance between what I am doing consciously and unconsciously. There are guidelines I create to make sure I don’t get lost, but I keep things open enough to not feel restricted. My process uses simple techniques (coil-building, glazing by hand with brushes) so that my hand comes through the work. I often feel naked when I finish building a piece. The latter part of my process has to do with distracting and covering the forms nudity. I cut the rim and cover the form in patterns of leaves to hide my maker’s marks and to distract from wonkiness. I am not interested in perfection, I am interested in what comes through in the urgency of making and what is trimmed and covered up.

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