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My relationship with clay started in the summer of 2001 when I moved from Seattle to Chicago. A friend asked if I was interested in sharing a studio and offered to teach me how to make pots. Clay had always been an interest, but somehow had remained just beyond my grasp. I quickly fell in love with the city and with pottery. I spent two years in Chicago and had the opportunity to work for CLAY,  an early Theaster Gates project, and for Lill Street Arts Center, where I taught community ceramics workshops, classes for youth, and classes for adults with disabilities.

When I returned to Washington State I moved to Bellingham to study education. While there I maximized my tuition each quarter by doing independent studies in the ceramics department. I left Western with a double major in special education and elementary art education as well as certification to teach special education and general education.

I quickly began working for Seattle Public Schools and focused on supporting students with significant social-emotional needs. The work is intense and, for many years, left little time or energy to focus on clay work. I took pottery classes periodically, but never allowed myself the time to really dig deep and engage in regular practice. I attended graduate school and received my masters degree in special education administration.

Since 2017 I have been focused on building skills and growing my understanding of clay. I want to make pots that feel good to hold and use. I like paying attention to the way each piece rests on a surface and the shadows that are cast as light moves around them. I enjoy experimenting with color and texture on the surface of my pieces.

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