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Claudia Lucero (that’s me!) and Urban Cheesecraft have made DIY Cheese Kits for over a decade. The adorable and giftable kits make it easy for any beginner to whip up a delectable traditional mozzarella or vegan cheddar in under an hour. There is also creamy burrata, paneer and goat cheese as well as vegan feta, brie and cheesy sauces (which can be made in minutes and customized for any allergies and what you might have in the pantry). Aside from making the kits, Lucero has written three books on making cheese, again both for dairy cheeses as well as vegan/paleo cheeses. The latest book, Instant Pot Cheese turns the Instant Pot into a cheesemaking machine!

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Booth Hours:
2-3pm Wed-Sun
Enter my booth by joining the Zoom meeting below (USE PASSWORD “ucu”), and/or chat with me using the chat box on the right!
you can also shop with me by clicking any of the products below the zoom and chat windows, 24/7!
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