Gobble Up Vendor

Welcome to Breilee, I am so happy you are here. My name is Tany and I have started this small shop adventure in Summer of 2017 when our sweet Brielle was born.
I have been making bows for three years now, and the last 6+ Months I have been making personalized embroidered Tees and crewneck Sweatshirts for little loves and adults.
The bows in our shop are made out of unique and chic fabric, while also the most comfortable for your little ones head.
My main goal is to provide very comfortable, safe and timeless items.
Everything in our shop is handmade with love here in Washington.

Hope to see you around,

about the vendor
Booth Hours:
WEDNESDAY-Friday: 10AM-1PM | Saturday 10AM-12PM
Enter my booth by joining the Zoom meeting below (USE PASSWORD “ucu”)
you can also shop with me by clicking any of the products below the zoom window, 24/7!
Meeting does not exist: 86330676814.