Urban Craft Uprising Vendor

Lauren is a girl who believes life is better in a dress, is a notorious lyric messer upper, and is obsessed with DIY & crafts. She grew up in a small town in Ohio, much like Stars Hallow from Gilmore Girls, where she had to learn to make our own fun. When she wasn’t pranking her friends, you could find her huddled over her latest DIY obsession. Her mommy and her mommy’s mommy were born crafters. At any given chance, they would pass their knowledge down to her. Her mother made sure she was always surrounded by supplies and tools that inspired her to be creative. Most people are sent to college with a care package, Lauren was sent with a craft box.

From her crafting girls nights to her family craft classes, her best memories are when she is creating with the people she loves, which is why she created CRFT CLUB!

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Booth Hours:
Wednesday 2nd from 3-4pm, Thursday 3rd 3-4pm, Friday 4th from 5-6pm
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