Fanchromatic Nails 

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Hello, lovely person! My name’s Lynae Zebest 🙂 I started this little adventure in 2011, after health issues forced me to end my career as a ceramic artist. I wanted a way to translate my color & chemistry skills into a new field that was easier on my body, while still allowing me to learn and grow as an artist.


Although I’m a cosmetics formulator, I approach my process from an artist’s perspective: I aim to always be telling stories and creating real experiences. I take inspiration from my favorite films, TV shows, and literature, building color and scent palettes that help build the worlds that inspire me. I love getting to know my customers, making human connections through my work!


about the vendor
Booth Hours:
4pm-5pm every day
Enter my booth by joining the Zoom meeting below (USE PASSWORD “ucu”)
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