We may not be able to leave our houses, but we’re here to keep you excited, entertained, and creatively stimulated while quarantined! Below you’ll see a variety of classes that we and some of our favorite vendors will be hosting for you in the weeks to come. This is a great way to support Urban Craft Uprising, learn something new, and keep those gears turning for your own craft business all at once!

Both business-building as well as hands-on craft classes will be offered, and all classes are only $20 each. Recordings will be available afterwards for you to listen to forever and ever. We’ll be adding more classes to the schedule in the weeks to come as well. And the best part is, you can tune in from anywhere!

Each of the classes below will be held over Zoom meeting — some live, and some pre-recorded. You will be sent the link to access the meeting or the recording after registering at one of the links below.

There’s more to come! We will be adding many more classes to this page over the coming weeks — both business-oriented classes for your craft business and hands-on craft classes as well — so check back soon to see the full offering.

TUesday, june 16th

12pm – 1pm

Using email automation with Klaviyo
 discussion with Jhustin from Ethical Gains

Make money while you sleep with this overview of email marketing and deeper dive into Klaviyo. We will explore ways to engage with your customers through email automation in Klaviyo and build connections on a mass scale.

These classes have already happened but you can purchase the recordings at any of the links below!
Profitable Creative Business and Responding to COVID-19
with gwen kohl

What does a profitable creative business actually look like? How can you keep your business going while responding to health and safety for COVID-19 and community needs? We’ll learn about the systems and habits creative business owners have implemented in order to make money in their small businesses. Join Gwen Kohl, small business expert and cofounder of Money Moxy, in this implementation-focused class and leave with systems and habits that can take your business down the road to success.

with Kim werker

It’s always easier said than done, which is how I managed to run my business for years and years without a marketing plan. Eventually, I realized I was failing (by not even properly trying!) to reach the right people for my work. In this session, we’ll explore the basics of creating a marketing plan for your business – including identifying your ideal customers, creating a calendar for social media and/or for any other content you create like blog posts or podcast episodes, and how to assess what’s working and what isn’t – and we’ll talk about what to do when everything you planned for is thrown out the window because of circumstances you can’t control (like, I don’t know, say, a pandemic – or an illness, pregnancy, family crisis…).

Wholesale Line sheets Demystified
with Samantha Slater

Learn the fundamentals of a wholesale line sheet in this easy and accessible lecture.  Sam will talk you through the anatomy of a line sheet, give you suggestions on ways to streamline your process and she will cover various ways to create a digital version as well as offer suggestions for a print version that will fit with any budget.

Empowering your brand through digital marketing fundamental
 discussion with Jhustin from Ethical Gains

The world has been shifting to online sales over the last decade, and now eCommerce has become the norm. We will explore multiple digital marketing disciplines and how they will empower you to identify your ideal customer base, grow your brand’s influence, drive online sales, and continue to engage with your customers.

DIY Business taxes
with Lindsey ross

In this class we’ll go over the most common tax forms and how to use them (1040, Schedule C, W-2, 1065, and 1099), the importance of estimated taxes and how to file them, the pros and cons of bringing on employees, and how to manage payroll and payroll taxes.


We’ll also have time for Q&A so bring your burning business tax questions!

Why Use A Rep
with Cathy Friis

Cathy Friis has been a rep for 30 years.  She has seen how the world of retail and trade shows have evolved and changed.  Meet Cathy for a lively discussion on what getting a rep might mean for your business and how this service can benefit a maker.  She will go over a representative’s roll, fees involved, how to find a rep, and is open to questions.


Sean Roberts of Forest Ceramic Company has been running his business full-time since 2015. He has grown a very steady stream of business from his own site, wholesale, consignment, retail shows and teaching! Join Sean for a lively discussion on how to generate income by selling from all angles. Especially during these uncertain times, we have to get clever on still generating income so we hope you leave feeling inspired to taking your business to another level.

How to Make Nut Butter!
A Class with the Co-Founders of Ground Up

Join the co-founders of Ground Up Nut Butters, Carolyn and Julie, in learning how to make nut butter at home! We’ll show you how to make up delicious nut butters in your home food processor, and will even reveal the secrets to our popular Cinnamon Snickerdoodle flavor. We’ll feature our favorite nut butter recipes from our cookbook Nut Butter: Over 50 Clean and Simple Recipes to Fuel a Healthy Lifestyle. All of the recipes will be free of peanuts, dairy, gluten and refined sugar. In the class, you’ll learn how to incorporate nut butter into your diet and into all parts of your meal, and how you can get creative with it in your home kitchen!

Building a successful direct business through Etsy and Instagram
with Jennifer Spring

Jennifer, the one woman show behind Jennifer Spring Ceramics, will discuss her strategies for building a successful direct business on Etsy. Over the last four years, Jennifer has transitioned her business from wholesale and craft shows, to an online direct business. Last year her direct business accounted for 70% of her revenues, the other 30% from craft shows. With this shift, Jennifer is able to create the work she loves while building great relationships with her customers. 

All around chocolate!
with Angi Pfleiderer

We start out with a look behind the scenes. Where is cacao coming from? How is chocolate made in small batches?  Then we move on to the most important part: the chocolate tasting! Raspberry, earl grey or walnut? Learn how to detect different flavors and textures.
If you want to try along with me get one of my gift boxes here. (Use code: URBANCRAFT at checkout and get 20% off all orders.)

We will try my Latte Bar, 78% dark chocolate from Indonesia and 78% dark chocolate form Tanzania. All products are vegan and gluten free.

The Artist’s Way…to Book Publication
with Jennifer Worick

Whether you are a crafter with a great book idea, or an illustrator hoping to see your work in print, this workshop will demystify book publishing, lay out the elements of a great book proposal, and help you pinpoint the right publishing path for you and your work. Publishing pro Jennifer Worick will pull back the curtain and share what really goes down in acquisition meetings and what publishers are looking for.

with Anna Osgoodby

There’s more to Instagram than creating the perfectly curated feed and writing catchy captions. If you want an account that has a lasting effect on your business then it’s time to change the way you approach the platform. Learn the importance of engagement and strategies that can help you increase your visibility and build stronger connections with potential clients and others in your industry.

record-keeping for your small business
with lindsey ross
This class will outline which aspects of your business are the most important to keep track of, and strategies and suggestions for how to incorporate this into your everyday life so that you aren’t slammed with an overwhelming amount of work come tax-time.
We’ll cover why and how to track revenue, expenses (and which are deductible), business miles, home office expenses, and saving receipts. We’ll also have time for Q&A so bring your burning record-keeping questions!
Craft Show Vending 101
with Kristen Rask & Lindsey Ross

Are you having trouble getting accepted to the shows you’re applying to? Are you intimidated to even apply? Are you just starting to get your feet wet vending at craft shows? Want to be better prepared when you do vend? Want to better understand the psychology behind a successful booth? Look no further, we’ve got you covered! Kristen and Lindsey organize the Urban Craft Uprising, Seattle’s largest indie craft show, and are also longtime vendors themselves. They’ll share with you details about the jury process, what organizers look for in an application, why the craft show scene has become so competitive, and ways you can strategize to make a more competitive application. They’ll also get into the meat of craft show vending — from how to prepare for a big show, to the hidden perks of being a vendor, as well as tips and tricks to keep your stress level down during the big day(s).

Building Wholesale for Makers
with london Tierney

Learn how to successfully position your brand for the wholesale market. We’ll talk about pricing your goods, retail ready packaging, linesheets, and terms as well as how to build strong stockist relationships through thoughtful correspondence strategies. Unsure which platforms or types of outreach you should pursue? We’ll explore all the options and pros/cons of each. Whether you’re a seasoned wholesaler struggling to grow your reach or a complete beginner this session will help you pinpoint your efforts so you can grow your wholesale audience