(Instagram post from December 2018)

It’s been a couple weeks, but we want to circle back & give proper gratitude to @urbancraftuprising and all the makers we’ve grown to know & love (along with a few new friendships too!). We’re still glowing from the boost this maker community gives us and we always look forward to being there. This was our fourth show with UCU & every single time we’re blown away by the curation and accessibility of the organizers, the vendors and the awesome conversations we have with our customers & fans. We often end up shopping more than planned because everything is handmade & awesome & just so good 😜. We have deep, mad love for our weekly market @portlandsaturdaymarket (more about that soon) but we’re also grateful for this opportunity & Seattle, you’ve shown us so much love this past couple years😘💜. Being a maker & connecting with other makers + getting to meet and interact with your customers is the absolute best ✨. Okay, enough with the mushy talk, back to packaging & closing out the year 🙌🏽!

- Olander Earthworks, 2018 Winter Show Vendor