Greenhouse Program

We are VERY excited to announce several opportunities we have been working on over the past year! Some of this has been in the works since fall of 2022, when we began our Scholarship Program with our partners at Business Impact Northwest, but our Greenhouse Program will include EVEN MORE opportunities in 2024.

Our Greenhouse Program aims to help bring our shows more in line with our DEI goals, to create more opportunities for emerging businesses, and to offer some new price structures for those who need it.

Sprouts Program

For vendors who are just beginning the process of growing their business, and haven’t had much craft show exposure, we are rolling out our Sprouts program! These are select shows in our roster for which we have created new sections, either with discounted booth fees, and/or the ability to choose only one day of vending instead of two. This is for emerging small businesses with a focus on those that are BIPOC/veteran/LGBTQ/disability-owned, as well as other marginalized communities. This program can also be for those who may not need the full scholarship help, but want to get their feet wet with craft show vending. Our “sprouts” are just beginning to grow, and we want to help them set some roots down! For our 2024 show season, this program is available for the UCU Summer Show and Gobble Up Portland. You’ll see an option on the application to request to be a part of the Sprouts section, for each of these shows, at a reduced booth fee.

BINW Scholarship program

Last year we joined forces with Business Impact Northwest to offer some amazing scholarship opportunities to a few of our events. If you don’t know about BINW, we highly recommend looking into what they do. They offer so much support to small businesses and their services are FREE.  Yes, FREE! It is truly incredible and we are so honored to work with them again. This year, they are offering vending scholarships to many of our events. If you have been wanting to participate in some of our events but are deterred by the fees involved, this is a great way to see how our shows are run, who our customers are and get some financial support along the way. Scholarship recipients are decided by BINW and are offered for those in marginalized communities such as:

  • BIPOC owned businesses
  • LGBTQ owned businesses
  • Veteran owned businesses
  • Disability owned businesses

Scholarships are available for the following shows and events in 2024:

  • Camp ThunderCraft (April 19-21)
  • Edmonds Spring Fest (May 11)
  • Bend Handmade Market (June 8)
  • Gobble Up SLU (June 29)
  • Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show (July 27 & 28)
  • Coastal Craft Uprising (August 17)
  • Gobble Up Portland (November 9)
  • Gobble Up Seattle (November 16)
  • Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show (December 6-8)

If you would like to apply for any of these amazing scholarship opportunities, you will apply directly through BINW at the link below. Please do not submit both an application through the Urban Craft Uprising website, and an application through the BINW website. (Shoot us an email if you have any questions about this!) If you are not accepted for the scholarship you were hoping for, you may then apply to be considered for the waitlist through Urban Craft Uprising.