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Apply to be a vendor at our Urban Craft Uprising shows!

Urban Craft Uprising aims to build a local (and beyond) community of artists, crafters and designers by organizing and providing events where indie crafters and artists can connect with their fans.

important dates & deadlines

camp thundercraft
april 23-25

Our annual small business retreat–entirely virtual this year!

Booth pricing & Options

Application Fee: $10 per show

Vendor FAQ

We strongly urge you to read this FAQ in its entirety before submitting an application to one of our shows.

Who is eligible to vend at Urban Craft Uprising shows?

The short answer is, crafters who sell handmade products. Additionally, local businesses that make both packaged and prepared foods are welcome to apply. Please see our Makers page for specifics about which shows allow prepared food and/or food trucks.

However, we do not accept vendors selling imported products, or non-profits representing crafters who will not be present at the show. Additionally, if you are applying to represent a collection of overseas artisans, this is unfortunately not the show for you. If your business falls into any of these categories you may be a more appropriate fit as a sponsor of our show. Please contact Kristen for more details.

To apply for the show, we need to see photos of your work.

Do you really need to see photos of my work?

Yes. The only way to jury this show is to see your work. Whether you have vended with us before or are a brand new vendor, we want to see either how your work has changed and evolved, or find a good introduction to your work. So please make sure that these represent the best that you have to offer.
We do contact you with any issues we may have with your photos whether there are too many, if you have submitted composites (not acceptable), or if they are corrupt.

Can I sell something at the show that you didn't see in my photos?

While we don’t expect a photo of every single product you sell, you may only vend with the specific product lines and craft category that you applied with. For example, if you are accepted to the show to sell your line of pillows that you applied with, but two weeks before the show decide to expand your business to include bath salts, you will need to check with us before bringing those along to sell. The reason for this is that UCU is a very small and competitive show, and the curation of vendors is intended to reduce competition between vendors once accepted, to maximize sales for everyone. By introducing brand new products into the mix post-jurying, you may be inadvertently competing with another vendor at the show. If you do create a new product after the jurying process, you can submit photos to the UCU team for potential inclusion.

My photos aren't really that important because you'll look at my website and Facebook page, right?

We only look at a small handful of websites during our jury process, and only when we are confused or don’t feel like we fully understand your work. We make our decisions based entirely upon your currently submitted photos and the information you provide in your application. That’s why we tell you that your photos are really, really, really important. Really.

I've been a vendor with Urban Craft Uprising before. I can just send you the same photos I did last time, can't I?

Technically, yes… BUT: if we see the same photos each time you apply, we can be left with the impression that your work doesn’t change. Our job is to keep the show feeling fresh for our fans, so showing us your newest work is to your benefit.

More info about the application process

I've been a vendor with Urban Craft Uprising before. Do I still need to fill out the application?

Yep! We love all our past vendors but each show is a brand new venture, which can’t be accomplished without a brand new set of apps every time.

Will I be penalized for only applying to one of your shows, but not the other?

Your life is up to you and what you choose to apply for is ENTIRELY up to you — each show is juried independently from any other. You may also apply for one show and not get into the other; it just depends on the applicant pool that you’re up against. We jury EACH show as a NEW show so what you apply for makes absolutely NO impact on our jurying process.

I've already submitted my application, but now I want to apply for an additional show, or change something. What should I do?

Just shoot us an email and let us know what you’d like to change. If you resubmit, we will delete the first application and use the second, but this gets confusing if you’re resubmitting days or weeks after your original submission. Much easier to change it on the back end so please just email us your amendments.

If I apply early on, will my application get lost in the shuffle by the time you jury?

Not at all. As long as you’ve paid your application fee, your application will be in the database along with everybody else’s. At jury time we will sort all applications by category and jury each one in turn.

All about the jurying process

What do you mean when you say UCU is a juried show? How do you pick who gets in?

Part of what makes Urban Craft Uprising a successful show is the careful selection of vendors who we think will come together to make the most balanced and high quality show possible. With previous attendee surveys in hand, we sit down as a team to look at application info and photos and make decisions based on originality, aesthetic, marketability to both men and women, general appeal, and price range. We also consider the variety of the show overall, making sure that we don’t have too many similar items or vendors. Take a look at our past vendor list or Instagram to get a sense of the kinds of vendors we’ve had at previous shows.

I've been a vendor with Urban Craft Uprising before so I have a better chance of getting accepted, right?

Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. We love all of our previous vendors but every show is a new show and we believe part of our continued success is that we always, always start entirely from scratch. Every show is curated based on the applicants who apply that go-round, and for that reason, each show has a slightly different feel and personality. In fact, we have made it a point to select at least 30% new vendors to each show to make the show fresh and exciting for our fans which has helped to continue our success.

How will I know if I get in or not?

The notification date will be stated on the Makers page. On that date, you’ll receive an email letting you know whether or not you’ve been accepted to vend. We stick to what we say, so if you haven’t received your notification email by the end of the specified date, please check your spam or promotions folders, as the email may have slipped by! The email will be coming from If you are expecting a notification email and don’t receive one, email us at the address above and we can re-send it to you. The most common reason for this is that you have mistyped your email address in your application, which means any notification letters or emails we sent to you are not being received.

If I don't get in, will you tell me why?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of applications, we can’t give specific feedback to each person. When time permits, we will respond to respectful inquiries from applicants with details as best we can.

Details about the business side of applying to UCU

What are the fees and costs involved in the show?

This year we are bringing our two main winter shows (Gobble Up and Urban Craft Uprising Winter Show) both online, so that everyone can shop safely from the comfort of their home during COVID. Because of this, we are able to offer you a considerably lower booth fee this year.

    • Booth Fee ($200)
    • Contribution of $40 (retail value) worth of swag, OR a $50 swag fee
    • Processing fee ($10), added to your booth fee invoice if accepted.

Can I vend at your show if I'm from Canada?

Yes, absolutely! Now more than ever, we are able to consider vendors from all over.

Details about vending at ucu

Aside from a booth space, what perks do I receive for being a vendor with UCU?

Please see our Virtual Winter Show Info Page for more information about how the virtual show will work, and all the perks you’ll receive by being a vendor!

What is your refund policy?

If you are accepted to the show and later decide that you are unable to participate, we will refund your booth fee in full, provided that you let us know six weeks before the show date. No refunds will be offered to vendors who drop out less than six weeks prior to the show.

Is there a penalty for last-minute vendor dropouts?

Yes, because of the huge time burden and publicity cost that goes along with withdrawing a vendor from the show so close to the show date, there is an additional $50 penalty for any vendor dropouts that happen within four weeks of the show. Please consider your ability to vend carefully before you commit to the show!

What is swag?

The reason dozens of shoppers line up at our doors for hours before we open is clear: We are known for our great swag bags!
“What are swag bags?” you may ask. Well, all vendors are required to submit no less than $40 worth of merchandise that will be included in these goodie bags, which are given to the first 100 fans through the doors each day. It’s a great way to attract new fans, it creates a huge buzz (hence the lines that go all the way to the Key Arena) and it’s a great promotional tool. The bags are full of a range of items, from a sample of soap to nice jewelry and accessories. We try to allocate each bag with a variety of merchandise that makes it exciting for our fans while also helping you to promote yourselves.
We want these to be bags full of goodies – real examples of unique, hand-crafted arts and crafts that will be fun for the audience and a great way to reach a new market of interested crafting fans.
***While we will still be requiring a swag contribution from you as a vendor, the swag bags will be happening a bit differently this year of course, due to COVID. Stay tuned for what that means in 2020!***
A few more tidbits you should know

I see all kinds of email addresses on your website. Would you like me to sign you all up for my newsletter?

No. Please, please don’t do that. We will absolutely notice you, but not in the way you were hoping for. We are inundated with emails already and if you sign us up for your newsletter without our permission it makes us overwhelmed.

How do I become a sponsor of Urban Craft Uprising?

Being a sponsor gets you in front of a large and growing community of crafters and artists, and their fans. We have sponsorship options for many of our shows, including discounted pricing for sponsoring multiple shows. Please send an email to for more details.

I've read this whole FAQ, but my question isn't here. What should I do?

Double check the FAQ, and if you still can’t find your answer, go ahead and email and ask away!