To our Urban Craft Uprising community:

Ever since this virus has really taken hold of our communities these past few weeks, we have honestly had the rug pulled out from under us. We have had to refund money to vendors and campers for shows and events that we’ve had to cancel, while much of the money we typically put towards those cancelled events (such as advertising, venue deposits, etc.) has already been spent. Typically at this time of year we can rely on application and booth fees to provide the cash flow we need to fund the shows that take place later in the season, as our revenue comes 100% from vendor booth fees and sponsorships. That is no longer happening.

We have never had to ask our community for this type of help before, but we would appreciate anything that you’re able to contribute to help cover our operating costs and keep us running until we’re able to bring back the events that you all know and love. Rest assured, we are working as hard as we can to keep the infrastructure of our business intact so that we can hopefully weather this storm together and come out on the other side. We can’t wait to see you again in person, and in the meantime we truly appreciate anything you’re able to give.

Thank you so much!

– Kristen & Lindsey

We are makers, designers and artisans. we make things with our hands in our kitchens, bedrooms and studios. We love the creative process. 

Urban Craft Uprising is the preeminent indie maker event in the PNW. We aim to build local craft events that not only help makers build their business but we develop  events that inspire others to create.

Meet the winter show makers

Learn about some of our star vendors!

20 Leagues

Have you heard?  Jamie, maker behind 20 Leagues, will be on the second season of Making it on NBC!  We love these guys AND are so glad they are returning to our winter show as a vendor And a sponsor.  Who is watching?  Be sure to watch!  Maybe you can get an item autographed at the show!

Erika Lee Sears

Super into the work by artist, Erika Lee Sears!  We are so excited to welcome this new vendor to the show!  Be sure to check them out on Dec. 6th-8th!

Particle Goods

Particle Goods vended a lot of the summer at Botanical Pop-up and they sold like HOTcakes!  Be sure to smell all their delicious smelling candles at our winter show.   It will be hard to leave with just one


Urban Craft Uprising’s Mission:

To build a fun, successful showcase for indie crafters and to nurture a supportive DIY crafting community

About our show: Urban Craft Uprising is Seattle’s favorite craft show, established in 2005.  At UCU, fans can choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted goods, including clothing of all types, jewelry, gifts, bags, wallets, buttons, accessories, aprons, children’s goods, toys, housewares, furniture, paper goods, candles, kits, geekery, art, food, and much, much more.

Each show is carefully curated and juried to ensure the best mix of crafts and arts, along with quality and originality.  This bi-annual show features over 150 vendors excelling in the world of craft, art and design.  Over the course of its 15 years, UCU has garnered so much attention that nearly 15,000 fans swarm to the show over the course of the weekend.

Hundreds of fans are lined up before our doors open to receive our famous swag bags full of goodies from our vendors and lovely sponsors. This show is free and fun for the whole family! We look forward to seeing you!

Kristen Rask
kristen rask

Kristen Rask opened Schmancy in downtown Seattle in 2004.  She started curating an annual show titled Plush You! at the shop that soon got international recognition.  In its second year she received a book deal with f+w publishing to publish Plush You!: Loveable Misfits to Sew and Stuff.  Since then she has come out with 7 more books; Creature Crochet, Button and Stitch: super cute ways to use your button stash (f+w publishing), Yummy Crochet, Teeny Tiny Animal Crochet, Woodland Crochet, Wizard of Oz Crochet and Peanuts Crochet which was recently written up about on Martha Stewart.  She started her first craft business when she was 12 and has loved crafting and small business since.  She joined UCU in 2008 and still says it’s her dream job.

Lindsey Ross
Lindsey Ross

Lindsey has been organizing UCU since its first show at the Seattle Center, in 2006. She fell in love with the job of organizing when she became Logistical Director of her Camp Miriam at the age of 21, and knew that her dream would be to manage the systems and intricacies of events in other contexts. A Seattle native, she took a hiatus from the city for a half decade to live in various locales from Israel to Ohio to Montreal, and then back to Seattle for a fateful year that intersected with UCU’s establishment as a Seattle mainstay. She now lives in Portland and also owns  Yarnia, an online DIY custom yarn shop that she operated as a brick & mortar for 9 years. She loves the job of building an event from the ground-up, of thinking through all the “what-if”s, and preparing accordingly–whether it’s at work with UCU, or at home planning a weekend campout, her own wedding, or a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro.

Heather Peek
heather peek

Heather grew up in the beautiful and creative PNW, going to craft shows and shopping in small stores. Although she loves to craft, she has largely been in the management and production side of shows. Heather volunteered with Urban Craft Uprising at the age of 17 while she was studying geology. She always admired the way vendors share and/or collaborate but do their own unique thing and kept coming back to UCU! She went on to become UCU’s first ongoing intern which eventually landed her a more permanent position with the team. When she is not working she enjoys playing with her various animals, adding googly eyes and glitter to just about everything, traveling and crafting. Working with all these creative folks is a dream job and she is excited to continue meeting new people on their own artistic journey!