Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of the Urban Craft Uprising family. With our diverse group of vendors and fans, we have a huge platform from which you can showcase your business.

With the support of our sponsors, we have been able to provide a unique shopping experience that brings fans in droves to our biannual show. With such a huge audience, you have many options and avenues through which you can showcase your business—read on for more details. We look forward to working with you!


Urban Craft Uprising was started in 2004 to showcase the work of independent crafters, artists and designers — to provide a unique, high quality, hand-crafted alternative to “big box” stores and mass produced goods.

At Urban Craft Uprising’s shows, fans can choose from a wide variety of hand-crafted goods including clothing of all types, jewelry, gifts, bags, wallets, buttons, accessories, aprons, children’s goods, toys, housewares, paper goods, candles, journals, art, food & much, much more. Each Urban Craft Uprising show is carefully curated and juried to ensure the best mix of crafts and arts along with originality and uniqueness.

Urban Craft Uprising has come a long way since its early beginnings, its first holiday show featuring just 50 crafter booths and overflowing crowds. Urban Craft Uprising is now the largest indie craft event in Seattle and the Pacific Northwest. In 2009, Urban Craft Uprising expanded its horizons to include a summer show, which has since become an annual event hosting 150 vendors and garnering attention from dedicated fans and summer tourists alike.

In 2014, UCU began partnering with other organizations and festivals in town, to curate unique handmade sections of these larger festivals. Our 2016 roster of shows now includes twenty-two opportunities for crafters to vend under the UCU umbrella, giving the UCU brand even more exposure and face time with our fans.

  • 85% Women
  • 73% College graduates
  • 65% Artist or crafter
  • 68% Ages 25 - 45

During the jury process, we focus on choosing a diverse group of vendors to satisfy our shoppers, while keeping each show fresh with new vendor booths and cutting edge crafts. We aim to feature 30% first-time vendors at each show, to keep our fans intrigued and excited, while continuing to host longtime favorites as well. However, our number one priority is to maintain the high level of quality our show has developed a reputation for; because of this and the ever-growing pool of applications we receive for each show, our acceptance rate for vendors is around 25%. Judging by the lines that form around the corner and up the street hours before doors open the morning of the show, we are confident that we are keeping our fans excited and interested in each unique Urban Craft Uprising.

by the numbers
• 2021 UCU Vendors: 150
• 2021 UCU Attendance: 11,159
• 2021 unique website sessions: 73,299
• 2021 unique website visitors: 48,124
• current newsletter subscribers: 21,309
• facebook Followers: 18,752
• instagram Followers: 21,287
Sponsorship Packages
Sponsorship Packages

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