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regrade winter market

Winter Markets

First Things First

Location: Day 1 (2121 7th Ave., Seattle)

dress for success

This is an outdoor show! In December! Some suggestions for weathering an outdoor show in the wintertime:

  • Wear appropriate (warm, cozy) shoes
  • Bring hand warmers
  • Bring a rain jacket
  • Bring warm layers
  • Bring battery operated lights


Coming soon!


Here is a map of all the Amazon parking lots in the area. We also recommend using the SpotHero app to find nearby parking rates and locations in real-time. These lots do fill up quickly since these are weekdays, so please plan extra time to find your parking before the show begins!


  • No generators allowed
  • Tents are provided; tables are only provided if you have requested them when asked.

Here are the social media images you can use to promote the show. Be sure to link to the Facebook event using this URL!

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