Urban Craft Uprising Vendor

At Zooguu we make high quality handmade decor and craft kits for people who like to have fun. Our faux taxidermy line is a humorous take on a classic decor item. Don’t worry, no actual (or stuffed!) animals are harmed in the making. Since March, Zooguu has also made handmade cotton face masks and designed diy craft activity boxes for people to enjoy a unique crafternoon at home. You’ll be communicating with Jen Gubicza, designer and maker behind Zooguu. Jen has also contributed soft sculpture to gallery shows, designed and produced custom toys and sculptures for corporate clients, and created the Lockheed dragon puppet for the motion picture X-Men New Mutants.

about the vendor
Booth Hours:
Wed – Sat 1-3pm
Enter my booth by joining the Zoom meeting below (USE PASSWORD “ucu”)
you can also shop with me by clicking any of the products below the zoom window, 24/7!
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